FEMA HMGP Projects

The Town of Jamestown, along with its engineers, identified several projects that could help to mitigate the impact on the community in the event of another disaster through FEMA’s Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP). The Town submitted four applications for HMGP project funding:

  • Property Buy-Out
  • Elevations
  • Lower Main St. Bridge
  • Rain Gauge

Below is the status of each of these projects.


(As of February 7, 2017)

6 properties have been purchased by the Town through the HMGP Buyout Program. (2 additional properties were bought out through the CDBG-DR Buyout Program.) These properties must remain open space in perpetuity.

  • The LUHAC Committee is currently exploring potential uses for some of the properties.
  • FEMA rejected the Uniform Relocation Act (URA) claim. The Town is proceeding with a plan to use CDBG-DR funds for URA for tenants living in properties that went through buyout.

This grant program is for the purpose of physically raising an existing structure to an elevation at least one foot above the base flood elevation (BFE). Two Jamestown properties are included in the HMGP Elevation Program.

  • Scott, Cox & Associates has completed 50% designs and are preparing to meet with homeowners.

Lower Main St. Bridge
The Town was awarded a Phase I grant from FEMA HMGP for $180,000 to complete the design and engineering plans to increase the water conveyance capacity of the bridge. The failure of this bridge to convey enough water and debris in the 2013 Flood caused the river to divert out of its channel and flow down Lower Main St., destroying several houses. The selected option will be designed to 60-100%. Phase II funding for the construction of any changes to the bridge will be decided after FEMA and the environmental agencies review the design plans.

  • Rock Sol (the Town’s selected engineer) completed and submitted to FEMA the 60% design in December 2016. The Town has received comments from the State, added more info, and the State has it to review. Once done, they’ll send the application on to FEMA. If approved, target construction: summer 2017.

Rain Gauge Project

  • Not Started.