jamestownThe Town of Jamestown is located in Boulder County, Colorado, 12 miles northwest of the City of Boulder. It was incorporated in 1883, after gold was discovered near Jim Creek in the 1870s. The Town has a pre-flood population of approximately 300 people. Also within our Town is Jamestown Elementary School, one of the few remaining “one-room” schools in the country; the Jamestown Mercantile (presenting live music every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night); and the Jamestown Community Church.

Jamestown experienced a traumatic flood event on September 11, 2013 that lasted for 3 days. During this event we not only lost 13% of the homes in town, 50% of the roads, our water plant and the JVFD Fire Hall, but we lost a patriarch of our Community, Joe Howlett. As a result of the flood, 90% of our community was forced to relocate. More Flood facts here.

Over the last year, we have been working diligently toward our town’s recovery. As of April 2015, two homes have been rebuilt, three homes are in the process of being rebuilt, with up to four more being built by Mennonite Disaster Service in the months ahead. Our drinking water system is back online, roads are being repaired, our creek is now safer, and approximately 90% of our community has returned to Jamestown, with 10% still displaced. We are grateful to the many wonderful people who have contributed to our town’s rebuilding. Please view our 2014 Year-End Report here.

The event may have changed the landscape of our Community, but our Community is still strong. We are rebuilding Jamestown!

I’ve been to many disasters but I can say I’ve never been to a stronger community. As I said before, the determination, strength, and gratitude was inspirational. You Jimtowners are the model of how a community should come together after such an event. If I could bottle the spirit of Jamestown I would call it ‘Mountain Strong’. ~Scott W, FEMA Inspector 

Please click here for a pdf of the Agenda: 2014 04 20 Agenda

Monday, April 20, 2015 at 5:30 pm
Town Hall – 118 Main Street, Jamestown, CO 80455


Roll Call
Approval of Agenda

Special Order of Business:
5:30 – 7:00 Discussion, Direction, Action: Leese & Associates Project Initiation (Mark)
7:00 – 8:00 Discussion, Direction, Action: Jamestown Finances 101: General Fund, Road and Bridge, Fire Protection, Parks Funds (Cynthia, Clay)

Approval of April 6 Minutes Clerk & Treasury Report Announcements


Discussion, Direction, Action: Flood Response, Recovery and Rebuilding


  • Long-Term Recovery Plan Update (Julie/Ken/Jen)
  • Water Treatment System Update (Tim/Tara)
  • Roads Update (Julie/ Tara)
  • Fire Station (Ken/Tara)
  1. Boulder County Recycling and Composting Authority
  2. Floodplain Administrator
  1. Water System Operations
  2. Water Committee
  3. Jamestown Volunteer Fire & EMS
  4. Streets & Bridges
  5. Elysian Park
  6. Town Square
  7. Cemetery
  8. Town Hall Maintenance
  9. James Creek Watershed Initiative

Town of Jamestown, 118 Main Street – PO Box 298, Jamestown, CO 80455-0298 (303) 449-1806 (phone/fax) www.jamestownco.org

12. Left Hand Watershed Oversight Group 13. Consortium of Cities


  • Discussion, Direction, Action: Appoint LUHAC Applicant
  • Discussion, Direction, Action: Review & Approve Long Term Recovery Plan Final Draft(Julie/Jen)
  • Discussion, Direction, Action: Planner Position Job Description and Hiring Plan
  • Discussion, Direction, Action: Approval for the use of $299.45 of Jamestown Rebuild Fundsto pay for the Floodway Delineation Study (Tara)


Discussion, Direction, Action: Proposal for a Running Race in Jamestown


  • Discussion, Direction, Action: Adopt Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) (David Mans)
  • Discussion, Direction, Action: Approve ROE Letter for Geological Solutions (Ken)
  • Discussion, Direction, Action: Appoint July 4th Committee Chairperson (Julie)



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