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Town of Jamestown (mostly) Annual Clean Up Day:


Saturday, June 19, 2021
Elysian Park 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

We will be accepting the following items:
• Trash
• Single Stream Recycles (bottles, cans, jars, paper, etc) 8:00 AM-3:00 PM Sat only.
• Yard waste, grass clippings, pine needles and small branches (read below for more info)
• Kitchen compost in compostable bags
• Scrap metal
• Hard to Recycle Materials:
• Accepted at no charge:
• Large hard plastic items with #2 markings. (Read below for more info)
• Clean Athletic shoes, no canvas sneakers or metal cleats.
• Bike Tires and tubes
• Books and manuals including paperback, softbound and hardbound
• Cooking oil in closed containers.
• Fire extinguishers.
• Yoga Mats
• #2 and #4 ONLY plastic bags (newspaper bags, grocery bags, dry cleaner bags, etc.)
• Printer cartridges, computer keyboards, mice, cables, laptops, computer towers/CPUs and cell phones
• Textiles Clothing, Bedding, Towels, Fabrics. Paired Shoes (no mud). Items may be stained or ripped, but they must be clean. Must be 12” square or larger. NO underwear or socks.

• Accepted for a fee:
• #6 White Block Foam Packaging and Rigid Foam Insulation only. NO packing peanuts, “Styrofoam“ cups or “to-go” boxes Must be bagged. $5. per 13 gallon bag.
• Computer Monitors 19 inch or smaller $10.
• Computer Monitors 20 inch or more $20.
• Stereo Equipment; $2-8. per item, Car stereo $5.
• Fax Machines $8
• TVs and Flatscreen CRTs, Tube Monitors $3 per diagonal inch, Example; 30 inch unit $90.
• VCRs, DVDs, Video game players $4.
• Satellite Boxes, Servers: (small) $5
• Radios, Cameras & hand held devices $2-$4
• Microwaves: Small: $5 Large: $10 (> 30”)
• Porcelain Toilets $7 w/parts attached $13
• Sinks $4 w/parts attached $7
• Wireless routers, hand held PDAs, IPODs: $2

• Household Hazardous Waste Materials
• Batteries -any size rechargeable battery.
• Cleaning materials: bleach, laundry products,
toilet and drain cleaners, furniture polish or wax, oven cleaner, ammonia.
• Paint, aerosols, mineral spirits, latex, oil base, and stain.
• Automotive: antifreeze, brake fluid, auto wax & polish, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, motor oil, transmission fluid, motor oil and antifreeze.
• Fluorescent light tubes, CFLs, PCB ballasts.
• Pesticides: fertilizer, fungicides, insecticides, repellants, Poisons.
• Mercury: thermometers, thermostats and switches.
• ALSO: glue, ink, photographic chemicals, spa chemicals, camp fuel, camp propane cylinders. Complete List here

Our Reuse Area:
There will be a reuse area, weather permitting, where resident can take home items that are still good or repairable. Absolutely no electronics TVs or other items for which there is a recycle charge are permitted in the reuse area. Anything left over will be donated to Goodwill.

The following items are NOT accepted.

Explosives, fireworks, flares, ammunition- These go to the Sheriffs’ office at 5600 Flatiron Parkway
Prescription and over the counter drugs: Also to the Sheriff’s Office or to Boulder Community Hospital on Arapahoe- There is a drop off near the Emergency Room Entrance
Refrigerators and air conditioners: these contain Freon.
BBQ propane tanks: We can take the camp size only. Larger tanks may go to Fred’s propane on Valmont Street in Boulder for a fee.

Sharps: Contact Ken for information about how these must be packaged before we can accept them.

Questions? email Ken at or call 303 938-1486

#2 Plastic Articles (HDPE)

• Large plastics such as Big Wheels® and plastic play structures, plastic lawn furniture, plastic watering cans, laundry baskets, clean plastic buckets (no residue), crates, rigid backyard kiddie pools and plastic trash containers.

• Must be the size of a five-gallon bucket or larger but must also be less than 3 feet by 3 feet (can be cut to meet these dimensions).

• In some cases, these plastics may not be marked with a #2, so look for them to be opaque with a matte finish and hollow inside. They are made with a mold, so will likely have a seam where two halves were joined.

• Non-plastic parts must be removed, including straps, padding and fabric. Items requiring disassembly will be charged a $5 fee.

• NO flower pots without a #2, inflatable pools or other inflatable plastics, water beds, chew toys, CD jewel cases, small toys such as action figures, etc.

• NO insulated plastic coolers


There will be one roll off for yard waste. This is not meant to replace the service performed by the Jamestown Volunteer Fire Department each spring. We are looking for smaller branches, no longer than 20 ft, leaves, pine needles, grass and garden cuttings. Absolutely no tree stumps or branches more than 10 inches in diameter. Everything in this roll off will be turned to compost.

Best Buy will accept a limited amount of electronic items for free at Best Buy Stores go to: d=pcmcat149900050025

A Bedder World will pick up and dispose of mattresses and box spring for a fee plus a pick up charge. Pricing | Bedr World Mattress Recycling (