Comprehensive Plan Update

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The final draft chapters are ready for review by residents (see below).

A comprehensive plan is a framework and guide for accomplishing community aspirations and intentions. It includes goals and policies and recommends courses of action for future growth and development of land, public facilities, public services, and environmental protection. It is used as a reference when the Town government makes decisions in regard to these areas.

Jamestown’s current plan is the 1981 Comprehensive Plan. While many concepts and views discussed in the 1981 plan are still applicable, others are outdated. It’s time for an update. What’s been done so far:

  • The 1981 plan has been reviewed and the outdated items (things that have already been done, statistics, etc.) have been updated. Information from the recent planning efforts have been incorporated into the new draft chapters.
  • The information from the numerous planning processes that have occurred over the past three years have been consolidated with the sections of the 1981 Comprehensive Plan that are still applicable.
  • A number of the Community Planning Groups (from the Long-Term Recovery Plan process) met on their specific topic area to discuss if anything else needs to be added or if anything needs modified.
  • The full draft plan has been prepared and is open for review and comment.

For more information, contact Millissa Berry at Town Hall (between 9:30 AM and 4 PM), 303-449-1806, or at

The Town Board was provided summaries of the chapters at its regular board meetings. Ideally, the comprehensive plan update will be accepted by the Board in June or July 2017.

Thanks for your participation!

Updated Version – Draft Comprehensive Plan:

1981 Comprehensive Plan:


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