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The 2013 Flood destroyed all of the underground infrastructure at Jamestown’s Water Treatment Plant. In addition, the sand filters were contaminated and 50% of the distribution lines were destroyed. The Town’s engineers, water operators and Water Committee worked hard to bring the Town’s water system back online in August 2014. Since then, the Town continues to upgrade and mitigate its water system, and has extended its water distribution system to new areas of town to support new development.


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Capital Reserves Funding

The Jamestown Water Committee recently sent out a notice concerning water rate increases for capital reserve funding.  Please click the following link to learn more about what capital reserves funding means for the town water system.

Capital Reserves Funding Information

ADU Fee Increase

The Jamestown Water Committee recently sent out a notice about an ADU fee increases.  Please click the link below for further information.


About Your Water Bill:

  • Water bills are sent out quarterly, by the 20th of the month preceding the start of the new quarter.
  • Payment due dates: January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1
  • Please contact the Town Hall if you prefer email or mail delivery, and also if you prefer to pay monthly.
  • A 20% reduced rate is available on an income-related basis. Please contact the Town Clerk (303-449-1806) to request a rate reduction. Please view the following ordinance for details:
  • Questions about your billing? Contact: townclerk@jamestownco.org

Current Jamestown Water Restoration Projects:

Water System Upgrades Project:

Water Plant – sand media replacement

This project is through a DOLA Water System Upgrades Grant for the purpose of making improvements to the Town of Jamestown’s drinking water system to correct deficiencies in both the treatment and distribution systems. This grant includes upgrades to the water distribution system, tank and valve work, and upgrades to the Water Treatment Plant to meet current codes and standards and to protect public health through the addition of corrosion control, pump control improvements and treating filter harrowing waste water. Distribution system upgrades are complete with work in progress at the Water Treatment Plant and tanks.

(Updated May 1, 2017)

  • Samora completed work on the small water tank
  • Scope of project:
    • Replacing the vent (failed the Sanitary Survey)
    • Replacing the leaking drain valve
    • Grouting under the tank where the foundation material washed out
  • Road Repairs scheduled to be completed soon by Marshal Fike
  • Minor items to wrap up at the Water Treatment Plant
  • Project completion the end of May

Water System Resiliency Project:

(Updated May 1, 2017)

This work is funded through a CDPHE Natural Disaster Recovery Grant for the purpose of increasing the resiliency of the water system in the event of a similar flood. The majority of the projects funded under this grant are complete, with one project remaining to complete. The completed projects include: purchasing and installing a backup generator, an uninterrupted power supply for the water treatment plant control system, upgrading the communications system for the water treatment plant, upgrading the filter valving and installing service connections that were lost during the flood.

The remaining project is improving treatment performance of the water treatment plant, which replaced the redundancy portion of the original project. The improved treatment project will be pursued in two steps, the first of which is a pilot and demonstration project of process modifications. The second step will be to implement process modifications deemed successful for maintaining treatment water quality in conformance with regulatory requirements. Step one of the improved treatment project will begin this spring, with step two following completion of step one, anticipated to begin during late summer, early fall.

Pilot Project:

  • Pilot columns arrived last week; Jon and Jennifer plumbing them in the pipe gallery tomorrow. Gravel will arrive this week. Should be up and running next week.
  • Objective of the pilot project is to reduce turbidity. Looking at different aspects of our filtration process, including:
    • A smaller sand cap, adding nutrients and heat, and cartridge filters

The Jamestown Water Committee includes:

  • Jon Ashton
  • Emma Hardy
  • Matt Kohlhaas (Co-Chair)
  • Roger Loving (Co-Chair)
  • Carly Rixham

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