Long-Term Recovery Planning

The Jamestown Long-Term Recovery Plan (LTRP) was born from the community’s desire to rebuild over the next few years with intention and in alignment with its own values and ideas. Read the Jamestown Long-Term Recovery Plan.

The LTRP process was started in 2014 through a $30K grant from the Department of Local Affairs (DOLA). Its purpose was to identify and prioritize community investments, as well as human and fiscal resources, for the next 3-5 years to support a successful recovery. 80+ residents formed six different planning groups (listed below) around specific themes.

The JTLTRP was completed and adopted by the Board in April 2015 to guide the Town government and community in its rebuilding. A Town Planner was hired in-staff and an Implementation Team (AKA “The Imps”) was established by the Board to carry out projects.

Completed and ongoing projects include:

  • Community Gardens: Planned for open space area west of the post office.
  • Jamestown Area Library: Located in the Town Hall and supported by volunteer residents.
  • Aging Well in Community Group: To foster support for area seniors and other vulnerable populations.
  • Historic Memorabilia: Acquired from Tom Maloney’s collection for Town Hall.
  • Traffic Calming for CR-94: In progress with permanent repairs.

The Six Community Planning Groups:

1. Healthy Local Government and Safe Community
2. Supportive Community Services
3. Getting Around Town
4. Living With Nature
5. How & Where We Rebuild (changed to Land Use and Housing)
6. Vibrant Community Assets