Stream Corridor

Photo credit: Sal DeVincenzo

Twenty-four acres of the James Creek Stream Corridor were severely impacted as a result of the 2013 Flood. In the few months following the event, the Town established the Provisional Floodplain Map, allowing the Town to lift its building permit moratorium on January 21, 2014. As a result of this, designs were developed for the Emergency Watershed Protection (EWP) program. Construction of the EWP program was completed in October 2014, which realigned and armored the James and Little James Creek stream corridor. To address portions of the corridor which need further work, the Lefthand Watershed Oversight Group (LWOG) and Boulder County have selected Engineering and Design firms to develop 30% designs in 2016, including two reaches within Jamestown. Construction is expected to begin in early Spring 2017.

Contact 911 for emergencies related to increased creek flows.

Upcoming Stream Corridor Projects:

James & Little James Creeks Design & Construction:
(Updated as of December 5, 2016)

(Updated as of July 5, 2016) Boulder County and the Lefthand Watershed Oversight Group (LWOG) have:

  • Developed stream restoration 30% design for James and Little James Creeks.
  • Assessed the Emergency Watershed Protection work through town.

Due to assessment – design for Mill Street EWP

  • Sediment removal
  • Reconstruction of drop structure
  • Bank stabilization and vegetation

Irrigation Ditch Headgate Reconstruction:
(Updated October 6, 2016) DELAYED while environmental investigations are in progress – RG & Associates are working on the engineering and design work to reconstruct the head gate and first section of the irrigation ditch that was destroyed by the flood. Please contact Allan Mueller, Town Ditch Rider, with questions.

  • Currently 40% complete design and engineering
  • Scope Change under review by State and FEMA
  • Easements will be requested at 80% design
  • Construction schedule is based on scope change approval

Rain Gauge Project

Please visit the FEMA HMGP Projects page for updates.