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The Town of Jamestown is committee to keeping our Community SAFE.  Please visit this page for important news and updates on the Corona Virus.

Memo to Jamestown Residents

March 26, 2020


As a result of the Governor’s/State Health Department issuance of a statewide Stay-at- Home order, Boulder County has rescinded their earlier order;  The following is the County News Release:

Boulder County, CO — Yesterday, following the Stay-At-Home Public Health Orders issued by Boulder County Public Health, Jefferson County Public Health and Tri-County Health Department, Gov. Polis and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment issued a Stay-At-Home Order for the entire state of Colorado.

After much discussion and consideration, our three local health departments have decided to rescind the local level Orders and formally adopt the state’s Order. We believe this action will ensure Stay-At-Home requirements are consistent across the state, and hence will make it easier for our residents to follow.

We applaud Gov. Polis for taking this critical step to help slow the spread of COVID-19 in our state and ultimately, save lives.

For more information about the state’s order, please visit:

For general questions about COVID-19: Community members can call CO-HELP at 303-389-1687 or 1-877-462-2911, or email for answers in English, Spanish, Mandarin and more. End of news release.

Any previous references to the County Document are no longer valid.

I am attaching the latest (March 26th) Statewide Stay at home order.  The idea is that we must stay at home unless we are engaging in necessary activities and we are required to engage in social distancing whenever encountering persons who are not members of our households.

The following Activities are exempt from the order to stay home but not from Social Distancing requirements.

Click here for the Statewide Order for definitions and lists of the following: (see corresponding sections in the attached order)

  • Necessary Activities
  • Necessary Travel
  • Critical Businesses
  • Healthcare Businesses
  • Critical Infrastructure- utilities, transportation. Communications. etc
  • Critical manufacturing
  • Critical retailers
  • Critical Services
  • News Media
  • Financial and professional institutions
  • Providers of Basic necessities
  • Construction
  • Defense
  • Services; safety and Sanitation
  • Vendors providing critical services
  • Education
  • Government

The Boulder County Health Department is attempting to get some clarification on a number of these specific businesses, etc.  We are also expecting some guidance from the Attorney General’s Office.

Elysian Park is open for hiking, walking, biking, and other outdoor activities that can be accomplished while maintaining social distancing. Playgrounds, Picnic areas and the Tennis Court are closed.

Dog Parks in Boulder and Longmont should be open.

You can shop for groceries, get prescriptions, buy gas, etc., and go to work in critical businesses, services, etc. No change to the Merc’s Status.


The first COVID-19 death in Boulder County was reported this morning (Mar 26) (Thursday). 

Statistically, 20% of a given population will contract the disease- In Jamestown that is 50 sick residents, 8 to 12 residents will be hospitalized and 2 or 3 will die.  I am working hard to make our numbers much better than these averages.  It is up to all of us not to be average. Please honor the Stay at Home Order (It is enforceable by the Sheriff).

Thank you.


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