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Town of Jamestown COVID-19 Informational Message

December 30, 2020


With more cold weather on the way and the continued imperative to keep healthy while the COVID-19 pandemic continues it is a good idea to do all we can to build sufficient immunity to resist the virus.  The following recommendations were recently published by the University of Maryland.  

  • Exercise regularly– Experts recommend at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week.
  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet that is high in fruits and vegetables –.
  • Maintain a healthy weight– Aim for a BMI of 25 or lower. The best way to lose weight is with exercise and a healthy, balanced diet.
  • Get quality sleep– Set a schedule and routine for sleep and practice good sleep hygiene.
  • Reduce stress and develop good coping mechanisms – Include activities in your daily life that help you handle stress.
  • Quit smoking– If you smoke, you can get support to help you quit.
  • Drink alcohol only in moderation, if at all.
  • Take steps to prevent infection– This includes washing your hands frequently and social distancing.

Using the following supplements in moderation may keep the immune system functioning at its best:                                    

  • Vitamin C may help prevent viral, bacterial and other infections by shortening the duration of colds and acting as a natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory.
  • Vitamin Dis one of the most important immune system-strengthening nutrients that can reduce the risk of colds and flu; this should be taken on a regular basis.
  • Vitamin A, when used on a short-term basis, can help support the body’s ability to fight infections, especially with respiratory infections.
  • Zinc can help reduce the number of infections and the duration of the common cold when taken within 24 hours of onset.
  • Selenium is a key nutrient for immune function and is easily obtained from foods like the Brazil nut. Selenium is also an antioxidant, which strengthens the body’s defenses against bacteria, viruses and cancer cells.
  • Raw honey is good at relieving minor pain and inflammation of mucous membranes, like nose and mouth, and has antioxidant properties and some microbial effects; it is helpful for coughs and sore throats and can be added to tea or hot water with lemon.
  • Garlic, fresh, aged extract and garlic supplements, may reduce the severity of upper viral respiratory infections.
  • Probiotics contain “good bacteria” that both support gut health and influence the function and regulation of the immune system.

More:  Institute for Functional Medicine Strategies Guide

While vaccines will become more available as time goes by, we are not at the point where we can let down our guard.  For instance, the first vaccine out, by Pfizer, requires two separate shots separated by 21 days.  It typically takes a few weeks for the body to build immunity after vaccination.  It will take at least a month or more for vaccinated individuals to reach the 95 percent effectiveness found in the clinical trials of this vaccine.  So please maintain your great habits – wash your hands frequently, maintain social distance, and wear your mask – as well as the strategies listed above.

Metric:  from Boulder County Public Health

This metric is published on the Boulder County Public Health.  How are we doing?  Pretty well; considering.  In order to go from Level RED back to Level Orange, we must get our present 14 day average new cases down to 350/per 100,000 population or less and stay there for 14 consecutive days. Our present average for 14 Days in Boulder County is 367.  That is a hopeful number although there may be a surge based on the Christmas and New Year’s Holiday gatherings that will set us back.  The metric below is the five day average cases; for now, Boulder County is still going in the right direction- Down!

Don’t let your guard down.  It is still higher than it was at any time during the summer…….


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