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The Town of Jamestown is committed to keeping our Community SAFE.  Please visit this page for important news and updates on the Corona Virus.

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Town of Jamestown, COVID-19 Update                                                                                   

March 3, 2021

Updated Vaccination Information

  1. As of March 5, 2021 the following persons are able to obtain the vaccine: they may make an appointment or sign up with the providers below. (PHASES 1B.1, 1B.2, and 1B.3)
  • Persons aged 60+.
  • Healthcare Workers, Emergency Responders
  • K-12 Educators, teachers, school bus drivers School District support, child care workers
  • Essential workers (grocery store workers, agriculture, etc.) Sign up through employers.
  • Persons 16-59 with two or more high risk conditions; Sickle Cell, COPD, type 1 and 2 diabetes, down syndrome, heart disease, lung disease, chronic kidney disease, cancer, individuals with conditions that require direct care at home or prevent them from wearing masks, pregnancy.
  1. As of March 21, 2021 (target date, it may be a little later) the following persons will be able to obtain the vaccine: they may make an appointment or sign up with the providers below. (PHASE 1B.4)
  • Persons aged 50+.
  • Educators, college and vocational; Higher Education, above GRADE 12.
  • Restaurant workers and Food Pantry Workers.
  • Frontline Essential Human Service Workers who cannot maintain physical distance at their place of employment.
  • Local Government Workers necessary for the continuity of government.
  • People aged 16 to 49 with (any) high risk conditions listed in Section 1 above (Bullet 5), plus moderate to severe asthma, cerebrovascular disease, high blood pressure, cystic fibrosis, comprised immune system due to bone marrow transplant, HIV, use of corticosteroids or other immune weakening medicines, neurological conditions, liver disease, pulmonary fibrosis, thalassemia.

MORE INFO: The above is a partial list.  COLORADO COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Table: CLICK HERE



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