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COVID-19 UPDATE (SARS-CoV-2 )                                                                                                              October 9, 2020 – #5


Below is the “new” Boulder County Public Health metric that compares CU related positive cases of COVID-19 to those of the general County population.  The vast majority of cases in the County are within the 18-22 age group and the “CU Outbreak” has been the largest in the state.  The restrictions in place by Boulder County Public Health, the University and City of Boulder enforcement are working!  The number of CU related cases are down dramatically.  There is not an indication of spread to the general community, but the modest increase is in line with the rest of the Front Range counties as the latest figures show some general increase in cases throughout all the age groups.

The COVID-19 case data below represent tests results among people living in Boulder County. “Affiliated with CU” means any CU student, faculty, or staff member living in the county. These data do not include tests among CU Affiliates who do not live in Boulder County. Note: students living in Boulder for school are considered residents.

The Metric Below: indicates the number of recent cases by age group and it confirms that most of the cases related to the recent outbreak are related to persons 18-24 years of age.

Note: 18-19 year old residents are included in both groups (18-19 & 18-22) to illustrate the biggest driver of increased cases in the 18-22 year old age group. Cases are not duplicated.

See more Boulder County Metrics HERE

Boulder County Public Health, CU and the City of Boulder are successfully curbing the outbreak – first by making a strong recommendation that students living off campus self-quarantine, and later by issuing a Public Health Order prohibiting gatherings more than two persons aged 18-22.  The latest Public Health Order also identifies 37 properties (mostly on the “Hill”) where students are subject to “Stay at Home” isolation requirements.  Media release: Original 09/24   Update 09/28

The students responded and the current metrics indicate that COVID-19 can be controlled by social distancing and masks.  Statistically Boulder County is now in a better place according to the State Dial.  The Dial (click Dial Framework ) is a range of three major and several minor conditions that must be met in order to move to a less stringent level of restrictions.  The current 14 day average of 265 new cases per 100,000 residents must come down to 75 per 100,000 before we can move to a better place on the dial.  The County’s current average positive test results 4.9%.  It must be at 5% or less in order to move forward.

Boulder County Public Health submitted a comprehensive mitigation plan to the state on September 29th.  This was done in order to keep the county from moving backwards on the dial.  The plan has been accepted.

Currently there is only one place in Boulder County where residents can obtain a free COVID-19 Test, but it is closing soon.  Drive up tests are available at Stazio Ball Fields near off 63rd Street North of Arapahoe.  Unless you are insured, tests at hospitals or clinics run between $75 and $100.  These are FREE.  Presently open 9AM to 3PM every day through October 18th.   More information HERE.   After October 18th, the nearest free test site is at Waterworld in Federal heights.  More Information HERE

COVID-19 is NOT INEVITABLE.   IT IS PREVENTABLE; social distance, wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, and avoid large groups.  Outdoor socialization is always safer than indoors.

Please be safe.  Don’t let your guard down.







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