Message from Jamestown Mayor Lenarcic (Update 3/24/20)

By | March 26, 2020

COVID-19 Update from Mayor Lenarcic & Colleen Williams, EMS Chief (March 24th, 2019):

As of March 24th there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Jamestown and no one who has the symptoms.  A resident of our community was informed last week that they may have been exposed to a co-worker whose parent contracted the virus. The resident’s coworker has no symptoms after 14 days and the resident in Jamestown has no symptoms. Both have self-isolated to prevent possible spread of the virus. The rumor mill in Town can spread undocumented news, so please contact your town officials if you have questions.

Considering how extremely contagious COVID-19 is, we are asking every person in Jamestown to please continue to practice social distancing and avoid crowds. Stay at home if possible. If you must go out then follow the guidelines on how to protect yourself from contracting the virus and not bring it back home. Remember that any one of us can get infected by someone without symptoms who does not know they are a carrier. A person can spread the infection without knowing it. Practice “universal precautions” realizing that anyone can be a carrier.



Please see the attached Colorado Department of Health Flyers: 1. Isolation and quarantine, 2. How to Quarantine and 3. How to Isolate.

COVID-19 Quarantine_Isolation Fact Sheet 031920

COVID-19 How to Quarantine 031920

COVID-19 How to Isolate 031920

And; if you feel sick or you think you have been exposed.  Please contact us.  This is a caring community that will see to your needs and do whatever is necessary to help you.  Most infections are mild and not all exposures result in infections.  We will want to know when you are getting better and we will help you if you are not.

Ken:                       303 938-1486

Colleen:                303 449-2621

Kristi:                     303 449-1806

I have been advised that like Denver and the City of Boulder, the Boulder County Health Department will issue a “STAY AY HOME ORDER” Wednesday, March 25th  to be effective the next day. Initially it would be scheduled to expire April 17, but likely will be extended.

The order provides for the following:

  1. Persons are to stay at home and maintain social distancing of 6 feet when using outside spaces. Persons may leave their residences for purposes of Essential Activities, Essential Government Functions, or to operate Essential Businesses.
  2. Public and private gatherings are prohibited with some exceptions. Travel is limited to purposes of essential activities, and businesses.

The list of essential activities services and businesses (includes take-out restaurants) is extensive and once the Order is published, we will post it on our website.

The shortlist of approved activities includes recreational activities that would not encourage persons to come closer to six feet of each other.  Elysian Park will remain open but the tennis court and playground have been ordered closed as of March 26th.

You will also be able to shop for groceries, visit medical providers, pharmacies, go to work, go to gas stations, liquor and marijuana outlets, and obtain child care.

Here is some other Jamestown news relating to COVID-19;

  • The Town Hall is closed.
  • The Library is closed.
  • Elysian Park and the Town Square are open. Practice social distancing when using.
  • The Recycle Saturday scheduled for April 11th has been canceled.

Please continue to practice social distancing and avoid crowds that is also the primary intent of the stay at home order.

The April 6th Board meeting will take place via Zoom Video Conferencing.  The public will be invited to attend and participate.  Instructions will be provided at least 24 hours in advance posted at the Town Hall and on the town website.

Questions comments or concerns about this message.  Please feel free to contact me.

And please say safe.

Thank you.



Ken Lenarcic, Mayor

303 938-1486

303 598-8059 (c)





A Message from Jamestown Mayor Lenarcic:

If the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is not now with us, it will be soon.  The situation in Boulder County and along the Front Range is frantic.  Schools and churches have closed, the markets are full and shelves empty.  Large and small gatherings of people are banned or discouraged.  All of the efforts of our Federal, State and County governments are focused on slowing the spread of the virus.

Likewise, the Town government and residents must accept responsibility for ourselves, especially the most vulnerable among us.  The Colorado State Government is now in “stage three” of Virus endangerment with a focus on containment and mitigating the long term impact of the virus.  Congregating in groups increases the possibility of community spread in Jamestown especially to our most vulnerable residents.

The Jamestown EMS is doing its part to protect us.  They have trained, practiced and are ready to provide response to medical emergencies.  But they cannot keep us from spreading the virus among ourselves. Please read the message from EMS Chief Colleen Williams on the home page of the Town Website.  Please don’t miss the last paragraph, so you know what to expect if you need emergency help.

I will be asking the Town Board of Trustees to take some action to minimize the spread of the virus as well, including discouraging gatherings in Town buildings and parks.  We also want to find a way to get groceries to those who are sick or quarantined.  The Church may help with that to some extent.  We will be asking for help from the community with that also.

Please call or email me with suggestions or comments, 303-938-1486 (H), 303-598-8059 (C), Email:

Thank you.


Ken Lenarcic, Mayor