Gateway Marker Design Contest

By | January 25, 2017

Jamestown Artist Contest: Design Our New Gateway Markers!

Calling all Jamestown creators:

As part of the CDBG-DR Traffic Calming project, the Town can have two gateway markers constructed and installed as part of the CDBG-DR CR 94 Paving Project. Gateway markers (also called gateway monuments) are roadside installments that serve a traffic calming function in two ways: by making drivers more aware that they are entering a populated area, and by giving drivers a visual sense that a road is narrower than it actually is.

We’d like Jamestown’s markers to be designed by locals, so we’re having a contest. Don’t worry about being perfect or drawing to build something that will be 3 dimensional – the project design engineers will work with what they get and convert it into buildable plans. So anyone who has an idea can give this a shot, even if you don’t think you’re an artist – if you can convey your idea at all, we can work with that.

Submissions are due by noon on Friday, February 10. At that point, all submissions will be put on the Town website, as well as in the Town Hall, and the community will have till February 16 to vote on the favorites. Those selections will be sent to the engineers, and they will send back their renderings for approval or alterations prior to construction.

For more information, click here for parameters, examples, and other details.

*FYI – The Jamestown sign that used to be at Maloney’s has not been forgotten! Although it may not go back in exactly the same place, as the old spot was not public property and it might not be allowed back there, it will be re-installed as close as possible to its old home, once CR 94 is complete.

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